MoviePro unlocks all the supported frame rate and resolution combinations supported by the chosen lens (front, back, Ultrawide, Telephoto). The settings menu allows you to choose from a list of 14 base resolutions (4K all the way to 320x180) and further apply 15 different Aspect ratios to it thereby supporting 14x15 = 210 resolutions.

The Fps menu in the settings allows you to choose from a list of normal fps (30 fps to 1 fps) and also from a list of high fps (240, 200 fps, 192 fps, 120 fps, 100 fps, 96 fps, 60 fps, 50 fps, 48 fps). Select 30 fps for US (NTSC), Australia/UK (PAL) 25 fps, and 24 fps for Film making/cinema.

The default settings (1080p@30 fps) are good enough for most class of users. You could optionally select 150% video quality (bitrate) in video encoding settings but remember higher bitrate comes with higher file size.

Sharing Videos

The best way to share videos to your computer is iTunes File Sharing which preserves the video quality and metadata. If you are using Mac OS Catalina, see this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwfgsA5aroc). For any other desktop OS version, look here. (https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT201301).

You need to open the video library of app in landscape mode in order to see this option, it’s not visible if you opened the video library in portrait mode. In the library, select the videos you wish to upload (using three bars option button), tap share and then select “Upload to Dropbox”.